Before attempting to log into the TAURUS Articulation Request System, please read the information below.

The TAURUS Articulation Request System is intended for University at Buffalo (UB) students to submit transfer articulation requests for any course they feel might meet a specific UB course requirement.

Non-UB students or users without a UB person number and UBIT name can submit requests through this guest portal. TAURUS will allow a limit of 3 courses to be submitted through the guest system, as a courtesy. To place more requests you must have a UB person number.


  • Check TAURUS (https://taurus.buffalo.edu/) to see if the articulation already exists
  • Log in to the TAURUS Articulation Request System using your UBIT username and password
  • Place a new articulation request
    1. Enter your Name and Email address
    2. Select ‘Other’ from the External Course(s) drop-down menu
      1. Enter school and course information
    3. Select the UB department. If you are not sure which UB department is appropriate for your transfer class, please see the Undergraduate Course Catalog.
      EX. If the course is a Biology course, select the department prefix “BIO”
    4. Upload your syllabus in PDF format. All requests require a syllabus.
      1. You can submit additional materials (laboratory schedules, assignment samples, etc.), that may be useful to the faculty evaluator. These must also be in PDF format.
      2. Total syllabus upload size is 20MB max.
    5. Hit the ‘Submit’ button to complete the request
  • Review existing requsets
    • For requests that were submitted to TAURUS, you can view the UB articulation in the TAURUS equivalency guide after it has been processed.
    • You may be asked for more information at times from the department reviewing your course. Please select the link in the email you receive to reply to the request, or upload any requested documentation.

The TAURUS Articulation Request System confirms your submitted request and notifies you of the final decision via your email.

Requests should only be placed for courses that may possibly meet your major, minor or UB Curriculum requirements.

System Rules and Guidelines:

  1. One transfer course per request. Only one transfer course should be selected in a request at a time.
    There are a couple exceptions to this rule
    1. A transfer course that has a separate lab- If a student is looking for articulation to a combined UB lec-lab course, both the transfer lec and lab can be submitted in the same request.
    2. Transfer courses labeled as “Anatomy & Physiology 1 and 2”- Courses labeled as “Anatomy & Physiology 1” and “Anatomy & Physiology 2” at other institutions must be sent in the same request. It is required that both courses must be sent for review together, in order to possibly match PAS113 and/or PGY300 at UB. If a student is looking for a course articulation from a different department then only one semester can be submitted for review.
  2. Syllabi are required and can only be submitted in PDF format.
  3. Courses appearing in the TAURUS equivalency guide will not be sent for review. If a student has a discrepancy with an articulation in TAURUS, they need to contact the appropriate academic department that made the decision. A request for a course already listed in TAURUS can only be submitted if the appropriate academic department agrees to the re-review. Student must provide proof that department is willing to perform a re-review.
  4. First semester courses titled “Freshmen Seminar”, “College Seminar”, or courses like this will not be sent for review and should not be submitted.
  5. Articulation Requests for ENG105 and “ENG” CL2 courses-
    1. Do not send any course for review from an international school where the primary language is not English. Countries such as Canada, England, and Australia are acceptable.
    2. First-year-second-semester courses will not be reviewed for the CL2 requirement.
  6. Writing samples are required when requesting articulation review to ENG105 or any CL2 writing course.
  7. Requests for the CL2 requirement must come to TAURUS first. These requests are sent to a committee to be reviewed to make sure they meet UBs writing standards before they can be reviewed by the appropriate department that offers the CL2 course.
  8. Courses for articulation review must have a passing grade. The only exceptions to this is if a student is looking to receive a better grade in an equivalent course, in order to fall into UB’s Repeat Policy or the student is looking to take the course in a future semester.
  9. You can only submit a course once. If a student would like a course reviewed by multiple departments, the review must be completed at the previous department before it can move on to the next.
  10. All syllabi must be in English. Students must have syllabi translated by their previous institution, or a third party translating service, if it is in a language other than English. Google Translate is not acceptable.
  11. Submitting requests for courses taken through a UB or Other SUNY study abroad program must go through the Study Abroad Office at UB. You can contact the Office of Study Abroad Programs by phone: 716-645-3912 or email: studyabroad@buffalo.edu

Not following these system rules will result in denial of your request.

Some academic departments may have their own rules and processes when it comes to articulation requests, which might prevent a course from being sent for review.

Questions? Please direct any questions to the TAURUS at TAURUS@buffalo.edu.